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What can Passion Week Mission do for youThe idea of seeking partnership with you stems from the powerful paradigm We see in the following scripture: Mark 2: 3,4

Team up and bring the Not-Yet-Reached to the Lord at all cost!

God's heartbeat is to establish a witness for his son Jesus Christ in every tribe, tongue and kindred. Every part of the Body of Christ has a specific role to play: this undeniably calls for partnership.

As an evangelistic Mission organization committed to reaching the Not-Yet-Reached peoples of French Speaking Africa in particular, and the greater subsaharan Africa in general, as clearly outlined in our charter, we at Passion Week Ministries strongly believe that any successful mission endeavor must stand on three legs:

  • The GO-ers,
  • The PRAY-ers,
  • The GIVE-ers.

We also believe that God automatically calls like-minded children of his into some sort of partnership in bringing about the fulfillment of his promises.

The four men in our referenced scripture had one thing in common: they were the friends of the paralyzed fellow and were all animated by the desire to bring him to the master at all cost:

  • We can adopt one of your mission station or project and provide the necessary logistical and financial support. We will visit the mission station at least once every year. You will make available to us details about the projects/mission station as well as regular detail report of what the lord is doing.
  • We can also adopt one of your missionaries or other independent missionaries stationed in a Not-Yet-Reached people group both for financial and prayer support. We strongly prefer indigenous missionaries (Ministers who are native of the country of the Not-Yet-Reached).
  • At Passion Week Ministries, we strongly believe in the Discipleship mandate of the church and can also provide resources (Bibles, study materials, etc) or on-site needed training through seminars, workshops and symposiums that encourage believers and empower leaders.
  • If you are based in Africa, one of the ways we can partner with you is to make available to you the PASSION WEEK CENTER equipments(Buses, computers, Film projection, etc) and facilities (rooms, Fellowship Hall) for your special events, revival meetings, prayer retreats, rural evangelistic campaigns and other activities that the center can accommodate.
  • If you are based in North America, one of the ways we can partner with you is to make available to you the PASSION WEEK CENTER operational plans and strategies. We will come and share with you what God's plan is for Sub Saharan Africa and how you can be involved. We believe the teaching available will ignite your people and provoke them to awakening and growth so they can keep moving until they find their place of strategic involvement in reaching the Not-Yet-Reached of Africa.
  • We also, through our World Missions Funds have available a very unique scholarship fund for those called into ministry and needing assistance to attend Bible school. The requirement here is that it will be a believer from a recently reached people group willing to enroll in one of our network of Bible schools, and feel called for Pioneer missions.
  • Passion Week Ministries, through our network of Evangelists would be willing to team up with you for mass evangelistic crusades in major cities in subsaharan Africa: We believe with the general rural exodus toward urban centers, both for studies and business, many unsaved from the Not-Yet-Reached people groups can be targeted for the good news.
  • Small loans can also be made available to believers who sense to call to support the work financially through the establishment of kingdom focused businesses and/or social enterprises.


These are baseline partnership proposals and can be enlarged depending on the individual calling of your organization or yourself. Please note that PWM is not a general support ministry: Our focus is to make sure the gospel is taken to the remaining Not-Yet-Reached people groups and if that is the cry in your heart, then we believe God might be calling us to team up.
This point is so strong in our spirit that no major partnership will be explored if this basic common vision is not the foundation.