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What we expect from youThe idea of seeking partnership with you stems from the powerful paradigm We see in the following scripture: Mark 2: 3,4

Team up and bring the Not-Yet-Reached to the Lord at all cost!

God's heartbeat is to establish a witness for his son Jesus Christ in every tribe, tongue and kindred. Every part of the Body of Christ has a specific role to play: this undeniably calls for partnership.

As an evangelistic Mission organization committed to reaching the Not-Yet-Reached peoples of French Speaking Africa in particular, and the greater subsaharan Africa in general, as clearly outlined in our charter, we at Passion Week Ministries strongly believe that any successful mission endeavor must stand on three legs:

  • The GO-ers,
  • The PRAY-ers,
  • The GIVE-ers.

We also believe that God automatically calls like-minded children of his, into some sort of partnership in bringing about the fulfillment of his promises.

The four men in our referenced scripture had one thing in common: they were the friends of the paralyzed fellow and were all animated by the desire to bring him to the master at all cost:

Providing all the partnership proposals in “What can Passion Week Ministries do for you” would not be effective if at all possible without the proper structure in place in Sub Saharan African Countries where we operate: we henceforth will covet your partnership in the following areas:

  • The gathering of necessary information, documents and contacts needed to register our ministry in your country as a Non-Governmental Organization.

  • The gathering of necessary information for the purchase of a land or renting of a facility that will serve as operational base (The Passion Week Center) for our missionary activities in your country and neighboring nations.

  • The gathering of contacts of individual, churches and missionary Agencies that can potentially work in partnership with us: We will for instance need a permanent coordinator for all our activities in the sub-region (This individual, church or Mission Agency will serve as official contact of Passion Week Ministries as we start work in your country).

  • We usually, as the Lord directs, conduct a fact-finding and consultation trip of our International Staff in your country approximately six months after you contact us and would appreciate your effort in facilitating this trip in your country by gathering the above information within two months of our initial contact with you as the Lord enables you.

  • Please read these documents and prayerfully consider being a part, in any way you can in what God is about to do or direct us to more appropriate workers. Our favorite slogan here at Passion Week Ministries (In fact it is a prayer), “God help us never to waste people time, spare us or deliver us from Time Wasters and help us never waste the Lord Jesus’s time but hasten his coming by introducing him to the remaining Not-Yet-Reached People groups”.

  • We know you might have questions regarding the nature of our ministry, the work and some other aspects that are not yet clear to you. We will be glad to answer any question you may have. Your question might actually have been asked and answered in our forum or the Frequently Asked Questions section of our web site.

  • If you are reading this and you are a Pastor, church leader or know of a church, organization or group that would like to support this work in whatever way it may be, please contact us and we will love to come to you and share the incredible things God has flooded our hearts with, concerning the completion of the remaining task in Sub Saharan Africa. Our International Ministry Team Network is available to meet you and discuss support options.

  • We have setup and online highly secure donation system and would also encourage you to use it if you so prefer. Prayer is also a very important, in fact the most important part of what we do, but this is a very targeted and strategic prayer, and to be really effective, we encourage you to contact us so we can put those information in your hands.

  • Eventhough you can do all the above anonymously, we strongly encourage you to explore partnership with us in a way that we can contact you. There are enourmous resources and insight about the work and our ministries that are available only to registered partners.

Thank you for your interest so far in PAssion Week Ministries


These are baseline partnership proposals and can be enlarged depending on the individual calling of your organization or yourself. Please note that PWM is not a general support ministry: Our focus is to make sure the gospel is taken to the remaining Not-Yet-Reached people groups and if that is the cry in your heart, then we believe God might be calling us to team up. This point is so strong in our spirit that no major partnership will be explored if this basic common vision is not the foundation.